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Make it snow! CSS3 animated snowflakes tutorial

The brief I was asked to add a festive touch across a range of client sites by adding a falling snow effect in the background of the pages. To do this in a stylish, un-obtrusive and efficient way was the challenge in hand. JS OR CSS3? The first big decision…
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Twitter Developer API

Secret tip: retrieve Twitter profile images without using the api

A common problem when creating sites which use the Twitter API is how to store and display user profile images. When you query the API the resulting user data gives you the URL of the user profile image. However this image URL is not a permalink. If the user changes…
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CSS Tips and Tricks

CSS specificity and point scoring

We all know about how CSS works right? Styles are inherited and cascade through the DOM to child elements. We know that CSS rules referring to element IDs have a greater weight than classes and inline styles trump them again. But how exactly does the browser work out which styles…
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HTML5 Canvas Rocks

HTML5 Canvas Animations – Top Tips

I recently worked on a project creating an animated music visualisation using HTML5 canvas elements to create interactive animations. Since the canvas element is quite new, I thought it might be useful to compile a list of tips I’ve build up while working with it. In-memory canvas caching The biggest…
Fun with numbers - WordPress stats

19% of the Web powered by WordPress?

In July 2013 Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress told the audience the WordCamp conference in San Francisco that “up to 18.9% of the web [is] running WordPress”. That’s a terrific statistic, and for more fun stats on how popular WordPress is right now, check out WordPress stats. It’s impressive,…
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tweeted trips bootstrap

A New Look for Tweeted Trips Care of Bootstrap

I’ve just completed a re-vamp of a site I run called Tweeted Trips. It’s a site I created while on the road cycle touring, so the original was put together quite quickly and was really built as a proof-of-concept. The new version is much more robust, cleaner and has more…
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Tweeted Trips used by Peugeot Italy

I always like to keep an eye on which companies are picking up Tweeted Trips and using it on their sites. Some I work with closely, like Gerber to help them embed social media campaigns in their sites, and some I just discover after browsing my referrer traffic! My Italian…
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WordPress Optimisation Checklist

WordPress is a framework which is great for rapid development because it is so quick and easy to set up. Check out the famous WordPress 5 minute install. However, if you want to really make sure that your installation is working as efficiently and securely as possible, there are a…
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Custom Styles for Select Inputs

It’s long been a problem for developers that the Select (or dropdown) input doesn’t allow you many options for customising their look and feel. You shouldn’t be trying to style selects! When you search for help on this matter, you often come across people arguing that select inputs get their…
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Twitter Changes Its Terms

In March 2011 Twitter announced some upcoming changes to its Terms of Use which would affect developers. This is really an understatement as what they’ve actually done is fundamentally redefined how they would like their service to be used and what developers ought to be using it for. What’s new?…
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