This year I returned to work at Jamie Oliver to build a hub to promote a major book and TV show covering everything Christmas.

Christmas recipes

A sleek responsive design provides a home for all the Christmas recipes, showcasing the beautiful imagery and giving uses a quick and easy UI to browse all the content.

The recipe search is powered by Solr which provides a quick, efficient and powerful back-end for filtering and sorting recipe results.

Interactive roasting guide

This interactive tool helps users work out how to roast different types of meat based on the weight and cut.

Powered by Javascript, the css animations help make this experience quick and easy to use as well as looking great on all devices.


Another tool I created allows users to select some leftover ingredients they have and it offers them some great recipe ideas.

Once again, this is powered by Solr and includes some lovely animations to engage and encourage users to get involved.

Salesforce signups

A special email campaign captures signups and transfers them securely to Salesforce.

Check it out