A website for premier wedding supplies in the North East of England.

Rapid Turnaround

This local small business needed to get their website up and running in a couple of weeks. This meant choosing the tools for the job wisely – WordPress for the website platform with a customised theme and additional custom built widgets.

Also, by maintaining good client communications and by being agile in the development cycle the deadline was achieved and the client satisfied.

Deluxe Design

I think the site does a really good job of looking modern and stylish with the elegance expected by wedding clients and the professional finish that events coordinators are looking for.

A Business Built to Expand

It may seem like overkill to build a basic 6 page brochure site on a platform like WordPress but the beauty of this platform is that it supports rapid development of a small site like this, but it also has the power to be able to expand with the business.

I can foresee adding blog features, eCommerce facilities, galleries and more. The possibilities are endless and the WordPress platform is quite capable of expanding with the business as far as it wants to go. The sky’s the limit!

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