People who wear Magnum boots are really passionate about them. Paramedics, police officers, security guards and soldiers all know these boots by name so there was no shortage of people waiting to join in this project.

The site brings together reviews, testimonials and videos from users around the globe as well as including links to Magnum’s social networking feeds. It encourages people to upload videos and images to social networks, then collates all the resources.

There’s some nice SEO going on here with good canonical URLs, external links protected with nofollow tags and of course all the lovely back links generated from the social networks!

Another fun part of this project was the integration with the social networks. Twitter and flickr were fairly straight forward as it’s just a case of parsing the xml feeds, caching them and styling them to fit into the page. The YouTube API is more complex though and allows the site to retrieve titles, descriptions and thumbnails for the videos from the video id picked out of the embed code.

This site is a great example of making social networks work for you and harnessing the power of an involved and enthusiastic customer base.