There are over 500 Round Table groups getting together and running events around the country, The national site must also break off into sites for each ‘table’ where they can publish news and events as well as give an overview of what their table does.

This requires a careful balance of giving local table members control of their site while retaining a standard of quality and consistency across the country.

There are complex processes allowing every part of the site to be managed, and custom user groups can be created to allow access to manage certain segments. There are several approval processes in place where content submitted by local sites can be moderated and approved, changes can be tracked and revisions rolled back.

The Club Finder page is a nice exercise in customising a Google Maps layout. The site initially uses geo-ip to estimate their location when viewing the map which will pick up all of the Tables near them. The familiar Google Maps layout has been customised with different marker pins, satellite/terrain buttons and overlay of results.

Check it out: