Post Snippits WordPress Plugin

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Post Snippits WordPress Plugin

This plugin for WordPress allows you to define custom snippits of code or text which you might want to appear in several posts or pages.

This makes it easier if you need to update common pieces of text or code as they can all be found in one place.

You may find this useful for defining advertising code that you want to appear only in certain posts, or common pieces of information like addresses or phone numbers.

It also avoids problems with the WordPress WYSIWYG editor cleaning up JavaScript or CSS snippits entered in the post editor.


  • Download and install the plugin
  • Use the Settings >┬áPost Snippits page to define your snippits. You can create as many snippits as you like, just give each one a different name.
  • Include the snippit in a post or page by using the shortcode [[snippit name]] where “name” is the name you defined in the settings page


Download the Plugin


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