The Christmas hub for Jamie Oliver highlights some great design elements which I was able to build in to an engaging and powerful user experience.

I built a recipe plugin for this WordPress site which pulls recipes from the main recipe database and allows ten to be tagged and organised in the Christmas hub.

All of the different pieces of content were completely customisable and manageable by editors in the admin area.

Let it snow

The background snow effect is a really neat combination of mainly css3 animations and just a little JavaScript. Find out more about how I accomplished this.

The fun bits

The purpose of the site is to collate Christmas recipes and content, but it is also to engage visitors so there are a few nice little effects in there which are purely for the joy of the season. The robin hops along the main header, the bunting unfurls itself as the page loads and did I mention the snow?

Responsive design, naturally

Sites which work perfectly on mobile, tablet and desktop are standard practice for me now.
This isn’t just about the css columns either – it’s about making sure the JavaScript effects are optimised, the assets are correctly sized and responsibly loaded and that the caching in place provides a super quick experience without losing any of the quality design and photography.