This annual call to action aims to encourage governments, schools and individuals to improve diet and food education across the world. The site was built in WordPress with several custom-built pluigns to achieve the integration and caching required.


The highlight of this year’s activity was to encourage users to sign a petition on I created an integration which pulled the petition counts from this service and fed it into an animated counter at the top of the page. This had to be cached and carefully updated at intervals to ensure accurate information without overloading requests to the API.

Social integration

The hero wall on the main page pulls content from Twitter and Instagram using a hashtag. A layer of moderation helps to keep the wall appropriate and certain slots are reserved for celebrity placements.

High traffic

This site was designed to attract high peaks of traffic on campaign days, so I made use of CDN and caching plugins to ensure the site would remain up. Not only did the site survive without any outages, but the petition broke records for the number of signatures it attracted.

TV visuals

A slight side-project of this was to create a larger version of the petition counter which could be used behind Jamie in his live show. Using just css animations I created a lovely smooth scrolling counter which looked great on TV and kept count of the live totals without any outages.