This project involved creating a framework which could be used to build up a large collection of SEO friendly landing pages for ingredients as well as a neat new way to deliver nutritional and recipe information to users.

Building on existing technologies

There was already an ingredients database in place which is used in another project, so rather than start from scratch I extended this to add in the extra functionality required for the encyclopedia collection. This ensured that code was re-used wherever possible and we get the maximum amount of value from each project built.

Linking up content

By ensuring that all the recipes, videos and pages share the same taxonomies it makes it easy to link related content and produce really engaging landing pages which pull in several different types of content.

Mobile-first design

The beautiful clean design lends itself well to a mobile-first build. I used image srcsets to serve optimised image sizes to different device sizes and the images make use of lazy-loading to ensure that the page loads as quickly as possible.

SEO friendly

Each of the ingredient pages are optimised to be powerful SEO landing pages, aggregating as much relevant content about each ingredient as possible. By understanding what our visitors are searching for we’re able to customise the page titles and content to make sure these super-useful pages are easy to find and a great starting point for browsing the site.

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