Building on Success

Based on the massive success of the original Field Testers site, Magnum decided to re-build their entire brand site with Field Testers at the core.

The new site includes a detailed product catalogue, and closely links all of the reviews, videos and testimonials to the products creating an even stronger site from an SEO perspective with lots of good, relevant content and reciprocal links.


Magnum has a really strong brand identity and the designer has done a great job of creating a striking and powerful look. It has also led to some of the biggest challenges in realising these designs. The full page showcase panels on the home page which incorporate Flash as well as static images were particularly tricky.

Custom Fonts

Not only does the design use a lot of custom fonts, but every bit of text on the page must be translated in different countries so has to be dynamic.

I initially used a mixture of Cufon for larger graphical fonts which require a gradient, and @fontFace for everything else in order to keep the JavaScript overheads down. However, I found the quality of the rendering on the @fontFace text to be unreliable so ended up using Cufon throughout.

Admin Area

I paid almost as much time creating a beautiful and easy to use CMS for the site as I did on the front end. Unfortunately, I can’t show you any of that here, but just take my word that it’s a treat.

Award Winning

In 2012 this site won the Best Digital Marketing Campaign Award in the Insider Magazine Digital & Technology Awards.