This resource was created originally as a printed leaflet and I was tasked with making it online and interactive. Working with ideas from teachers and energy experts, I began the process of breaking up the graphics from the leaflet and creating a linear game progression.

Creating engaging learning resources

Each of the 6 rooms in the house is investigated in turn and pupils are asked to choose the 5 changes they could make to save the most CO2. Only after the game is complete do they receive their score and get the opportunity to better it.

ActionScript 3

Written in AS3 with well organised class structures, this project can be easily added to in the future by other developers. For example new rooms could be added, or new interactive items can be added to each room.

School-specific requirements

I have extensive experience of working in education, creating environments and learning resources for pupils. From a technical perspective, the most important things to consider are the environments in which the resource will be used – interactive whiteboards typically run at a lower resolution than desktops, education authorities may run older versions of Windows or Flash than home users and teachers may want to distribute the resources offline too.

There are also important considerations to be made about information security and how any pupil information collected is stored and used. The possibility that pupils may try and misuse any systems implemented and the ability for teachers to be able to take overall control over the resource may be a priority.

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